Five emerging technology trends

1. AI popularization:

Artificial intelligence technology will be almost ubiquitous in the next 10 years. In addition to adapting the initial adopters to new conditions and solving problems that have never been encountered before, these technologies will gradually spread to the general public in the future, which is called popularization. Trends such as cloud computing, the “maker” community and open source code will drive artificial intelligence into a technology that everyone can use.

2. Digital ecosystems:

Emerging technologies need to innovate the underlying conditions, provide the vast amounts of data required, advanced computing power, and ubiquitous ecosystems, transforming from a partitioned technology architecture to an ecosystem platform for a new business The model lays the foundation and bridges the gap between humans and technology. This trend is driven by the following technologies, including blockchains, data security blockchains, digital avatars, IoT platforms and knowledge maps.

3. DIY bio-hackers:

In the next decade, humans will enter the era of “superhuman”, which will allow biology to be solved according to lifestyle, interest and health needs. Bio-hackers can be divided into four types, namely technology amplification and nutrition. Genomics, experimental biology, and grinder bio-hackers are just questions about whether society is ready to accept such applications, and what kind of ethical issues it will create.

4. Transparent immersive experience:

Technology will continue to be people-oriented, and even the relationship between people, businesses and objects will be transparent. These technologies extend and contribute to smart life, workplace and other fields we will enter. It is driven by the following technologies, including 4D printing, connected home, edge AI, self-healing system technology, positive battery, smart dust, smart office and 3D stereo display.

5. Ubiquitous infrastructure:

Infrastructure is no longer an obstacle for organizations to achieve their goals. With the emergence and mass adoption of cloud computing and its many related technologies, it has contributed to a foundation that is always on the line, easy to obtain and has no restrictions. The architecture computing environment, this trend is driven by the following technologies, including 5G, carbon nanotubes, deep neural network ASICs, neural hardware and quantum computing, technology that supports ubiquitous infrastructure is about to reach a high point and is developing Rapid movements in the cycle, especially 5G and deep neural network ASICs, are expected to reach maturity in the next two to five years.

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